Where are my manners?



Empowerment Technologies. It was taught to us 3 times a week for this first semester. At first, I did not like this subject. While I was skimming the book, I saw the topic entitled Netiquette then I snorted. Was this topic about how to deal with trolls on the internet? 

I was a bit lukewarm to this subject, because it does not interest me in a way, and I am familiar to the world of internet. We are already living in the 21st century. Why do we have a subject such as Empowerment Technologies? We can learn this online, and there are a lot of sources here already.

After days of rambling mentally, I finally get the glimpse of this subject. I realized that I was so dumb. I did not know how to use Microsoft Excel correctly. It was taught to us when I was in elementary, but I forgot about it, since I found that knowledge to be irrelevant. Another one is that you can use Microsoft Word to make a website. Fascinating!

I learned about the history of ICT. It is amazing to see how time flies fast, and how technology is innovating everyday. From using the radio (People Power) to Facebook and change.org (Million People March). This year we witness a new way to protest.


Protesters raise their phones and chant against Marcoses (from Daily Inquirer)

To be honest, I did not like our last project. Let me say this again, using my social media accounts for grades is one of my pet peeves. However, I learned that without using social media, people will not notice our campaign, and it is hard to advertise this when you do not have a large amount of friends on Facebook.

Lastly, the internet is a dangerous place. I learned to be more cautious at every site I go or login.

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Haharapin Natin

(Ito ang pinili kong bersyon ng kanta dahil dito na ako naging pamilyar. Sina Ray-an Fuentes at Tillie Moreno ang mga orihinal na kumanta.)

Kilala ang mga Pilipino sa pagiging masayahin at may positibong pananaw sa buhay. Kahit anumang sitwasyon ang hinaharap nila, ngumingit pa rin sila para bang walang nangyari. Bukod sa pagiging palangiti, mahilig mangarap ang mga Pilipino, malaki man ito o maliit.

Basta’t tayo’y magkasama
Laging mayroong umagang kay ganda
Pagsikat ng araw
May dalang liwanag
Sa ating pangarap, ooh
Haharapin natin

Sa chorus pa lang ng kanta, napapakita na niya ang kultura ng mga Pilipino. Handa silang magbigay ng tulong sa ibang tao upang mabawasan ang kanilang mga problema.

Kung mapapansin ninyo, mas gusto ko ang ganitong tema ng kanta. Hindi ‘yung katulad ng Noypi. Marami pang ibang OPM ang kayang ipakita ang kultura ng Pilipino. Hindi lang ‘yung may temang Pinoy pride.

Gaano po ito katotoo?

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”

George Carlin


Malakas maka-impluwensiya ang media sa panahon ngayon. Kapag magsasaliksik ka sa internet marami agad lalabas na impormasyon. Ang tanong, totoo ba ito? O nagkakalat lamang ng malisyosong impormasyon?

Kilala naman nating lahat si Mocha Uson, isang “taga hanga” ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte. Ka-DDS aniya.

Isang isyu niya rito ang pagkalat ng impormasyon tungkol sa pag-protesta ng mga estyudante sa St. Scholastica’s College. Hindi totoo ‘yung circular na pinakita ni Mocha Uson sa kanyang Facebook post. Maraming tao ang nagalit at pinakita ng mga estyudante ng St. Scholastica’s College ‘yung tunay na sulat.

Karamihan sa mga posts ni Mocha Uson ay nagkakalat ng malisyosong impormasyon, at ang nakatatakot pa rito ang kanyang taga-sunod. Mga 4 na milyon ito at pwede silang maloko.

Isa ito sa pinakamalalang isyu mangyari sa internet. Mag-dadalawang isip ang mga tao kung paniniwalaan nila ang mga nagkakalat na malisyosong impormasyon. Pag dumami ang impormasyon na ganito ang laman, iisipin na mga na tao na “bias” ang mga nakasulat sa aklat, journals at iba pang babasahin pang-akademiko.

Maging mapagmasid at kritikal tayo sa mga nakikita natin sa internet. Hindi lahat ng nababasa natin ay nakatutulong at totoo. Lalo na sa panahong ito.

Pet Peeve



I hate using my social media accounts for the sake of my grades. I only use social media as leisure, not to ask a favour to people online. It is also embarrassing because I have to message my “friends” on facebook just to garner likes. I do not even talk to them in real life anymore.

Another one is, people may dismiss your message. Obviously, we do not want to feel rejection—wait.

I do not get why some  use this as a criteria for grades. It is unfair and irrelevant at the same time. What will happen to students who do not have facebook? Or those who do not have enough money to go to internet cafes?


This is probably my favorite song right now. Ugh, this is so hard.

I have started listening to Up Dharma Down, since Tadhana became popular. After that, I listened to Luna and Indak next. (They are all in the Capacities album.)

During my summer vacation, I listened to their Fragmented Album and most of my favorite UDD songs are there. Lazy Daisy, Sleeptalk and Malikmata are my top 3 tracks in the album. Sleeptalk is actually my most favorite track but it is too…sad, so I chose Lazy Daisy instead.

I felt the song described me, and it made me nostalgic due to the O2jam-ish vibe. *sighs*  Especially in this part:

“She’s a lazy daisy
Painting pictures in her head
Sweet like candy”

It has an innocent vibe, for me. Also, I loved the Ascolto version more than the original one.


Ang pagtatanggal ng batas sa ating lipunan ay magreresulta sa matinding kaguluhan. Maglalaho na rin ang mga awtoridad kaya wala ng mga mas nakatataas na posisyon sa lipunan. Puwedeng nang gawin kung anuman ang gusto natin at walang limitasyon ito; kahit hindi na makatao ang gagawin natin sa kapwa.

Kung may krimen noong may batas pa, lalong tataas ang mga kaso ng krimen kapag nawalan ng batas. Magkakaroon na ang mga kriminal ng kalayaan. Wala na ring mga presinto.

Ang konsepto ng anarkiya ay posibleng mangyari kapag walang kapangyarihan ang gobyerno. Nakatatakot din isipin na mayroong mga taong naniniwala sa sistema ng anarkiya.

Is it over?

There are times where I complain about the huge number of requirements to pass, being sleep deprived , and waking up early for school. Every student does this, if they did not, it is either they are lying or they are a mutant. 

When you reach a higher level of education, it gets more challenging. Whether it is in academics or your extracurricular academics. You have to accept it. These things will help you gain wisdom, besides knowledge and skill.

So far, I have transferred three schools in my whole high school education. It is hard, but I have to do it for my sake. It will help me prepare for the future. What hinders from doing lots of activities is uncertainty. I am not sure of what I am capable at. The fact that I have a low self-esteem irks me. I missed some cool activities because of this.

My life changed drastically after meeting my friends. I am so grateful to have them. Somehow, my self-esteem improved because of them. They keep on giving me criticisms, and they motivate me to go to school.

Despite all problems, I am contented at my life as a student. I learned that I cannot obtain something if you did not work hard for it. That is what my parents tell me all the time.

Is my life as a student over yet?

The answer is no.

It is the beginning of a new period of my life. The transition of senior high school to college. Apparently, we are DepEd’s specimen for the K-12 curriculum. 

This video summarizes my junior high school life.